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"Stay away from Chace Crawford, he’s irresistible," Anna warned us, speaking to the good looks of this week's Hump Day Hottie. "Oh, you’re going to get a raise," Chace said with a smile.

"You’re just going to get in trouble." "She said I have the eyes of an arctic wolf," Crawford revealed. "When we first met I was like, ‘Whoa, you look like that in person? We then attempted a brief bit of conversation about their movie, in which the fun-loving duo play a very new couple that find themselves unexpectedly pregnant.

Christopher Chace Crawford, meglio conosciuto col nome di Chace (Lubbock, 18 luglio 1985), è un attore statunitense conosciuto principalmente per il ruolo di Nate Archibald nella serie televisiva Gossip Girl.

; dopo le superiori si trasferisce a Malibù (California) per frequentare il corso di giornalismo alla Pepperdine University, ma, spinto anche dalla madre, decide poi di intraprendere la carriera di attore.

He isn’t interested in the celebrity to whom he has been linked. Not so much about liability, but because there is the possibility of depositions being taken…

Carrie Marie Underwood Carrie Pisces Muskogee, Oklahoma, United States In 2001, Carrie graduated from Checotah High School as salutatorian.

Actress, singer, songwriter She grew up at a farm, which belonged to her parents at the rural town of Checotah, Oklahoma. She starred in her debut 2011 biopic drama film Soul Surfer for her role as Sarah Hill.

We didn’t really film scenes with them until the very end but they were there. Chace Crawford: I hung out with Rodrigo [Santoro] too before we started. Anna Kendrick: They had a little bro-mance going on!

The material is obviously universal but what do you think that director Kirk Jones brought to it as a Brit? He was very easy to work with and on day one he let us do our thing. I’ve told this story before, actually, but rehearsal was fine and then he said [puts on a British accent] would we like to get the logistics of the car scene… ” And that was a good two minutes of staring at each other and asking: “What does he mean? ” Chace Crawford: Do you want me to put her inside the bonnet [laughs]?

Let’s just say there may have been a 60-year-old stripper and lap dance involved!

We wonder how many dolla, dolla bills were given out that night!

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