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Kristin and the girls of Sorry About Last Night discuss roommate sex etiquette, the pros and cons of past gentlemen callers, the devastation of getting dumped for the first time, being the aggressor, how Cymbalta dries the puss, and what to do when that D is just 2 B.PLUS: Corinne & Krystyna reveal one of their dirtiest shared secrets. Some of you even said you were done listening to the show. On today's ep, C&K sit down with Krystyna's pal, VANESSA! Some of you loved the Dante episode, some of you were appalled. During this week's intro, the girls of Sorry About Last Night respond to a #fucker who is currently paranoid that he paid for pussy then Corinne gives her 2 cents (er, 77 cents) about the Dante Nero backlash.

After a mic drop blow job to Stephen with love from Krystyna, things seem to be almost back to normal on the East Side of Manhattan.

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THE STAND COMEDY CLUB 239 Third Avenue New York, NY Tickets are free, but there is a 2 drink min. id=425116&cart FRIDAY, DECEMBER 18TH @ 9pm Nacho Bitches - HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA Hosted by Corinne Fisher & Blair Socci New York Comedy Club 241 E. cart&id=425413 16 SATURDAY, DECEMBER 19th @ PM GLAMOURPUSS - Ho Li Da Y b As H!

you know you guys have a lot of hate and judgement for other people (dwarfs, fat people, people of different races) but you have no judgement when it comes to sex.

do you think your attitudes about sex don't come from some moral justice high ground and really just come from a root of self consciousness.

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