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ASD can cause a wide range of symptoms, which are grouped into three broad categories: There is currently no cure for ASD, but there are a range of treatments that can improve the symptoms listed above.

The term 'spectrum' is used because the symptoms of ASD can vary from child to child, and from mild to severe.

Children with Asperger syndrome have milder symptoms that affect social interaction and behaviour.

Their language development is usually unaffected, although they often have problems in certain areas of language.

These business targets reflect the detailed assessment that is required to be carried out in relation to applications for family reunification.

They in no way constitute a legal obligation or convey any indication that an application not decided within the timeframe will, in default of a decision, be resolved in your favour.

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Adrian Murphy first stayed in a yurt on a trip to Mongolia in his early teens, and today, he and his wife Deirdre have turned his fascination into an alternative camping experience at Mount Druid.

The summary form will contain information on where you are to submit your supporting documentation.

The summary form which you must print, sign and date must be submitted with your supporting documentation.

With real-time video feeds, a searchable archive of images and comprehensive data including river heights, rainfall data, tide times and weather, you can always make sure the conditions are perfect before you set off. If you are a newcomer to this site we strongly advise you go to the Our aim is to provide the most comprehensive network of webcams for use in helping to show current river levels for operational, flood monitoring and leisure purposes, to see regular and up to date images and information on rivers from the UK and Ireland.

We want to make sure that you know everything you need to be aware of the conditions on your favourite river, and continually invest and research in new ways to bring you this information.

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