Samsung software home theatre updating

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I have replaced the PVR and tried all 3 HDMI ports with new cables, and the problem persists. I am having the same issue with a Samsung J6300 (just bought on 7/1/2015) and Comcast HD box (not X1 Platform).When I use the Comcast remote to turn on the TV and Cable Box, i get the "HDMI signal weak..." message. But you have the upgrade bug, and can't decide what's best to get. Blu-ray If you don't have a Blu-ray player, get one.This is easily the most cost-effective upgrade you can get.I went to the website they suggested & downloaded a new code #1050 Through going to menu, online, & update, but it still doesn't work. Having similar problem since Thursday night--Amazon launches and says I need an update from Samsung, Hulu Plus says I need to set the clock. Have tried unplugging, resetting clock etc and no luck.I repeated the process & it says there are no new updates! Called Samsung yesterday and was told to call back and use "remote support" which was closed when I called. Called Samsung just now and was told to wait for their team to find a solution and call me back.In many systems the order in which they are turned on causes problems. Does the problem happen if you connect the cable box directly to the TV with the same cable you use from the receiver?

and then there are 5 x files in this folder :- info.txt, REL.xml, T-HKMFDEUC_1412.1.xml,, USBHardware

I have tried to look up ways to troubleshoot the problem i have been having but have had no success. V, cable box, and receiver, it displays that it has no signal on HDMI 1. if you need anymore info i will be happy to give it to you.

When components are connected via HDMI they each look to "handshake" with each other when turned on.

They mentioned this is a wide spread problem that many users are experiencing. I only wonder how the hell they are gonna call back like tens of thousands of users. make sure that your apps on your smart hub are set to automatically update.

1) they update the app, automatic app updates, and tada it works again 2) amazon fixes it in their side, old app works like it used to the shitty part is, that this has happened a number of times recently Hi, I have a Samsung smart TV & today it wouldn't stream Amazon Prime. when it gets fixed, amazon will just magically work again.

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